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What does it take to be a Marine Scientist?
Join us on a Day camp by our coastal area as a Family of “Marine Scientists”, as we explore our local nature biodiversity, discover the mysteries of Squids via a dissection class, and get hands-on to do a beach clean up to protect our nature backyards!
Let’s get our water shoes ready, magnifying glass to observe the plants & animals, and take a glimpse of
what it would be like to be a Marine Scientist for a day!
FIND OUT MORE HERE - download Information PDF!
We would also like to assure parents that the necessary precautionary measures to maintain personal hygiene and safety will be taken, in line with MOH's safety guidelines.
*BYO (Bring-your-own Food for some snack time)
*Programmes are recommended for children of age 5 years old and above.
Parents/ Adults are encouraged to join for a fun family bonding session.
*Kindly note that depending on the easing of social restriction, you may be grouped with other families to a maximum of 8pax in a group.
*Please kindly note that due to social restrictions, NParks consider a child / toddler / baby of any age to be accounted as one headcount for groupings, all participants (regardless of age) will be chargeable. Thanks for your kind understanding!
*Other T&Cs apply.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Public Nature Walks

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