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Young Nautilus is glad to announce that we will be partnering with Go Green SG in 2024 for a whole-of-nation movement to rally the community to take collective action towards a sustainable future for Singapore!

Get ready for a hands-on unique experience with the marine intertidal animals of the Changi sandy shore through our nature walks and Marine Scientist Day Camps. Battle against marine trash and take action to protect the ocean in a coastal clean-up. Unravel the mysteries of marine life as you delve into a hands-on squid dissection experience, explore the fascinating world of intertidal ecosystems and discover the wonders hidden within our shores.

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2024 April - June dates are out!

Nature walks are available for Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves, Changi Intertidal, Pasir Ris Park Intertidal, Coney Island, Punggol Promenade and Pasir Ris Mangrove Walk. Place your booking here!

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As Featured on Channel News Asia (CNA) for COP28, find out what Young Nautilus is doing to advocate for climate action!


As Featured on Channel News Asia (CNA), Up Your Alley, discover and learn about Changi's biodiversity with Young Nautilus!


As Featured on STB (Singapore Tourism Board) documentary "Sea People Of Singapore", discover and learn about Singapore's biodiversity with Young Nautilus! Click here to view the FULL VIDEO creatively directed and produced by Bernard Lau and Elton Tan.


As Featured on Frontline, Mediacorp Channel 8, discover and learn about Singapore's biodiversity with Young Nautilus!


Why People Love Us

I definitely recommend this programme by Young Nautilus. The video was very engaging and the students enjoyed learning more about local marine life and conservation. Even though due to the Covid situation, we were not able to bring our students out for learning journeys or have mass assemblies, this programme was a good alternative as students were able to still see the marine life and learn about them.

We engaged Young Nautilus for their Marine Discoverer's skit for our K1 children and we were very impressed with the patience and knowledge they had displayed and shared with the children. The skit was engaging and the live specimens they brought in were enthusiastically received by the children. Throughout the whole presentation and up close encounters, the crew were very patient and we could see their earnest desire to impart and share their knowledge with the little ones. And we were so happy to see the little ones' minds ignite with curiosity and wonder as they oohed and ahhed over the little creatures.

Great job, Young Nautilus! We will definitely recommend you and will engage you guys again. Thank you for making it a great day for us and the little ones.

We recently went on the Young Nautilus changi coastal walk and found it an excellent choice with really young children. I was surprised at how many different marine creatures we saw and that could be found in Singapore’s intertidal zone. The educators or guides were informative and interesting and clearly passionate about sharing their knowledge. The staff were well prepared and had set up stations with the animals they have found. Interactive and educational family activity. Thanks!

We signed up for the intertidal walk at Changi and it was truly an eye-opening experience for the whole family. My son loves marine life so to see anemones, sea slugs, sand dollars, tube worms and sea cucumbers up close is truly an awesome experience! We learned so much from the guides (Rachel and Debra) and the walk was excellently prepared! Looking forward to join the Sungei Buloh walk next time!

We brought our boy for the intertidal walk at changi. My son simply loves the walk!! Everything was well organized and our guide (Angie) was so friendly and able to explain to us about the creatures that we came across that day. It definitely was a fruitful and enjoyable walk. Will look forward to my next exploration with them again!!!

We had a great evening exploring Changi! The facilitators are not only knowledgeable, but are very passionate to share their love for marine creatures to the young ones. Was initially worried if my 4 years old will be tired or bored, but she was engaged, listening to facilitators, touching, looking at the marine creatures. Will definitely go for another trails. 

My son and I totally enjoyed the sungei buloh tour. The guides were able to explain about all the animals we have seen and answered all the questions that the little ones have. It was too amazing to be able to see the crocodiles, water monitors and the draco lizard. Kudos for a job well done and for keeping the curiosity in the kids alive.

Thank you for coming down to our school! 🙂 It was very engaging and captivating and the children loved it! Great chemistry between the team as they carried out their skit. Very friendly and they could manage the kids very positively and well! Would consider them should we need such programmes again! Thank you for the warm interactions and things learnt for the kids! 🙂 "

We had a very good and educational nature walk on Coney Island. Learnt so many new things about the island, and the life and organisms it supports. Our guide, Marcus, was very engaging and helpful in explaining and teaching the group about the marine life found on the inter-tidal zone of a beach on Coney Island. A very positive experience and recommended for families, and school groups to have a practical approach to learning, and just as importantly, awareness of our environment and life around us.

What an awesome outing for the whole family! We saw so much and learnt so much. Thank you Peter and KL. We thoroughly enjoyed today's nature walk... living science education. 🙂

It was indeed a great learning journey with Lee Kiang at Sungei Buloh. My family really have a great time and gain a lot of knowledge understanding the nature on how it works and most interestingly, on how it's able to survive on its own. Would like to sign up for Changi Beach Adventure in March if time permits. Really cool and looking forward to joining the tour again. Cheers!


Founded by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology, Young Nautilus is an education enrichment partner for schools and families that provide fun and engaging science learning journeys. By fostering a deeper understanding of the world and the dynamic changes that shape it, we enrich what are taught in the MOE syllabus.

Most importantly, as their learning catalyst, our educators are equipped with the pedagogy skills required to inspire participants’ learning through application and inquiry-based activities.

Our Vision

Within the spiral shape of the Nautilus shell contains many chambers that it develops continually. As there is no “final” chamber, this amazing animal continues building new chambers during its entire life. Just like the Nautilus, we seek to help students to be inspired and to empower them with life skills that will assist them to add on new knowledge “chambers” for various stages in life.  Learning and gaining knowledge should never stop.

Our Mission

To provide inquiry-based learning journeys that foster a deeper understanding of their world and the dynamic changes that shape it.  Through these experiences we seek to inspire students to become more aware and to share finding and experiences with their peers and their community.

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