Corporate Programmes

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Corporate Bookings

Looking to organise a nature outing for your company as a bonding event or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme? Let Young Nautilus bring your colleagues and families out for an experiential exploration to engage with nature and our local biodiversity!

We conduct these learning journeys for various types of outings – 

·      CSR-based Programmes
Through meaningful activities such as coastal clean-ups after an intertidal exploration, participants will get to contribute and give back to the environment by collecting trash along the intertidal area (data collected from the clean-up will be sent to International Coastal Clean-up Singapore [ICCS] and provided to the organization after the programme),

·      Team-bonding Programmes
Our nature walks provide a great way to bond with your fellow colleagues as you explore the unique and amazing biodiversity in our local backyard! There is also an option to add in some fun station challenges for participants to do as a team and bond together!

·     Indoor Conservation & Biodiversity Workshop
If you are looking for indoor workshop programmes, and we can conduct a Conservation & Biodiversity sharing session with you and your colleagues in any conference room either at your company or else where! This can be complemented with either Artefacts-Handling or Live Marine Touch Tank, providing an exciting and rewarding workshop!

Do drop us an email at to get a special corporate rate discount for your booking!