Values-In-Action Activities

Incorporate VIA Activities* to your Biodiversity learning journeys and let your students put into action what they have learned about environmental conservation in Singapore! We have 3 types of VIA activities to choose from –
*conducted as an add-on to a biodiversity learning journey.

Coastal Clean-ups (in collaboration with data recording apps such as Stridy)

This programme is more than just your average coastal clean-up! Apart from collecting the rubbish from the coastal areas, students will work in groups to record and sort out important data of the rubbish that they have collected. These data will be provided to data recording apps such as Stridy for research purposes, and provided to your school so that your students will have a better understanding of the quantified contribution they have to the environment!


“Pluck the Invaders!” Weeding Programme (in collaboration with NParks – Sungei Buloh)
– This programme is currently not available. We will update again once NParks re-opens this.

Apart from pollution harming our Earth and biodiversity, sometimes invasive flora and fauna can also cause damage to biodiversity! Such invasive species, that can be found in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves, will outcompete and overtake the local species population, reducing the diversity and destabilizing the local ecosystem! Join us as we head down to the nature reserve of Sungei Buloh to weed out and manage these invasive species!


“Tell-A-Friend” Poster Presentation

One of the most effective ways of advocating conservation is to educate your peers about the importance of conserving biodiversity and the Earth! Students will work in groups to design an educational poster to share with their friends about the conservation and biodiversity they learned during their learning journey. Students will get an opportunity to practice their public speaking as they do a presentation to their peers and teachers. These posters can be brought back and displayed in their classrooms to remind them about the values they learned.