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It's June School Holiday!!
Tired of staying indoor with your family?

Put on your cap, bring along your binoculars and join us to explore the vast biodiversity that our Labrador Park’s and Coney Island’s shores offer! Be warned though- as your feet will get wet during our splashing good times!

Complete the fun Science-centric adventures with series of indoor skit programmes, in the comfortable @FlyingCape 's classroom! Our participants will get to have a close interaction with fascinating animals such as Sea Star, Sea Urchin and colourful Sea Slugs, before learning about simple ways to protect our environment.

Our participants will also get to explore their creativity, and create their very own key-chain animals using air clays! What’s a more interesting way to learn about Science and animals than being a Young Nature Explorers with Young Nautilus!

Programme includes:-

• 1.5- 2 hours Nature Walk at our local shores (19th June: Labrador Park Intertidal Exploration , 20th June: Coney Island Rustic Exploration)
• 1.5 hour of Indoor Programme (19th June: Young Intertidal Explorers’ Skit, 20th June: My Guardian Animal)
• Transportation to/fro from Nature Walk sites
• Take-home Clay models
• Coloured Activity Sheet
• Certificates and Souvenirs

$182 per parent-child pair (U.P. $260.00)
$185 per siblings pair (U.P. $296.00)
$278 per bundle-of-3 family package (U.P. $434.00)
$103 per child (U.P. $148.00)

Email us at contact@youngnautilus.com or call us at 91069735 to book your slot!



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