Mangroves Origami Adventure Kit


[Fun Online Nature-Learning in a virtual adventure and origami video!]

Join our virtual mangrove adventure and reuse old papers to turn them into various adorable little mudskippers with Young Nautilus’ Origami instructional video! Skip cabin fever as you and your young ones get hands-on fun nature-learning!

Let’s have a wild fun time and get your child’s curiosity about nature and creativity flowing in 3 simple stay-home steps!

1. Register with your google email to receive the videos and welcome PDFs!
2. Play virtual Mangrove Walk video skit!
3. Make an Origami Mudskipper with instructional step-by-step video!

Recommended age group of 4 – 12 years old.

Please find more information and Payment instructions below!



What is in the online package?

  • A detailed Origami Instructional Video to make your own origami** paper mudskipper. (**Origami paper not provided)
  • A digital ID information card for Mudskippers.
  • An exciting Young Mangrove Adventurers’ Video Skit, for your child to learn about the mangrove ecosystem, biodiversity, conservation and climate change.
  • 10% OFF coupon voucher for your next Nature Walk with us!


Please follow the steps below to purchase:

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*Terms & Conditions

  • Videos, documents and content should be used solely for the children & parents who purchased the package. If your friends would like the video, do support us by asking them to purchase the package as well!
  • Videos, documents and content are copyrighted to Young Nautilus. Any copying, downloading or sharing without the permission of Young Nautilus is strictly prohibited.
  • Online content (such as videos) will be available via URL link until 31 May, 2021