Biodiversity Nature Walk – Bundle Package of 3 pax


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Bundle package of 3 pax (regardless of adults or children) – Join us for your nature adventure today!

Have more than 3 pax family members and friends to join in the adventure? Top up separate child/adult tickets too!

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Planning fun and educational activities for your family this year of 2019?

Come along on our programmes, where we explore our own coastal backyard in Singapore, and take a closer look at the amazing animals! So, wait no more, and get your children exposed to science and nature, or see in action what they have learnt in schools about wildlife!

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27 Oct SUN (Changi Intertidal) – 4PM (FULLY BOOKED), 28 Oct MON (Labrador Park Intertidal) – 4.30PM, 2 Nov SAT (Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves) – 10AM, 15 Nov FRI (Changi Intertidal) – 6.15PM *NEW DATE!*, 16 Nov SAT (Changi Intertidal) – 6.45PM (FULLY BOOKED), 17 Nov SUN (Changi Seagrass Intertidal *Night Exploration) – 7.30PM, 30 Nov SAT (Punggol Promenade Intertidal) – 7PM, 13 Dec FRI (Sentosa: Tanjung Rimau *LATEST ADDITION!) – 5.30PM (FULLY BOOKED), 14 Dec SAT (Labrador Park Intertidal) – 6PM, 15 Dec SUN (Changi Intertidal) – 6.45PM, 27 Dec FRI (Coney Island Terrestrial / Intertidal) – 5PM, 28 Dec SAT (Changi Intertidal) – 6.15PM


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